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Author Topic: agricultural land  (Read 218 times)

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agricultural land
« on: October 30, 2018, 12:44:41 AM »
My mother has two younger sisters. Since my maternal grandparents did not have a son, they made an agreement with my fatherís parents that he has to stay with them after the marriage (called Illarikam in Telangana) and in return, he will get the total property. Out of the total 25 acre of land, 13 acres were registered on my mother name before 1988. And, the remaining land (12 acre) was on my grand-fatherís name. My parents are naive and simple by nature. All problems started in 2004 when my grand-father passed away. My motherís two sisters started fighting for the land (demanded to divide the whole land into three parts) and unfortunately, my grand-motherís nature also changed at this time and started supporting them which lead to several problems at home. Due to our financial situation and innocent nature, we couldnít go strongly against them. My father started working in city for more income and my brother and I stayed away from home due to studies. One day in 2009, when my mother was at home in the village, my motherís sisters along with few people in the village forced my mother to sign as a Witness on 12 acre land registration that my grand-mother (after my grand-father passed away, the land on his name was transferred to her name) transferred to his two daughters. We had to accept it due to lack of courage and knowledge of what we can do at that time. Now, many years after the registration, they have started fighting again for the 2 acre land which they cleverly grabbed from us several years ago. I explain the problem in the following.
The total land can be divided into two parts, part A and B which are separated by some distance. My parents and my maternal grand-mother do not know the number of acres in each part accurately. We recently came to know that the part A and B consists of 15 and 10 acre respectively. We have been cultivating all land until 2009, and but after 2009 (after they registered the land), we left out the land in part B and only taking care of land in part A. Our registered land (13 acre) is in part A and 10 acre registered land of my motherís sisters is in part B and the their remaining land (2 acre) is in part A. This is the MAIN problem. My grand-mother also does not know this and she (along with others) only wanted to give the land in part B and the same was informed to us (we do not have any written document for this). My motherís sisters knowingly added these two acre of land by bribing the VRO/broker in 2009 (he only told us now that he did it before they requested him to add these two acre). After 2009, they were only taking care of the land in part B although they know that they have 2 acre of registered land in part A. They knew that we will fight if we know and even my grand mother wonít agree to it and they kept silent. My grand-mother passed away in Nov 2013. They were silent for so many years, now (from June onward), my motherís sisters were fighting with us not to cultivate the two acre in part A because it is registered on their name. Initially, we couldnít understand what they were saying and it took sometime to understand the whole story.

What can I do in this case to get these 2 acre land? It is registered on their name along with land in part B (10 acre). They were only taking care of the land in part B and they didnít even mentioned about it until June this year (they hide it for 8 years). For the last 40 years or so, we have been cultivating it without knowing that my mother sisterís made this land on their name.

Also, a document was written during my parentís marriage (which was before 1975) that all properties of the grandparents belong to my father and mother. It was signed by seven people, but six out of the seven passed away. But we do not have original though we only have a photocopy of this. Can I use this document in anyway to get back the land or put them in trouble? To be honest, I really got pissed-off with my motherís sisters current behavior after so many troubles they created for us and I really want to get back the land this time.

I am grateful to you for all your suggestions.

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Re: agricultural land
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2018, 12:36:27 AM »
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