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Author Topic: Void - Nullity of marriage  (Read 409 times)

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Void - Nullity of marriage
« on: December 02, 2018, 11:56:44 PM »
Hello All,

My case is little complicated and suffering from past 4 years, after marriage i have been lived together only 60 days together.

Reason for filling void:

After 30 day of my marriage, my wife activity has been completely changed, she started to arguing for everything, she started to cry whole night suddenly, she started saying that i am spying her and suddenly she started to hitting me one day heavily not at all sleeping in night. I didn't inform my parents or my family member, i asked her she didnt say anything she not able to listen me as well. I asked  her parents about this they told we will ask, she started to through the utensils on the neighbor and created a big problem and again she attacked me heavily i thought doubt and argued with their parents and my parents.

Suddenly after 60 days of marriage and they take her to native, i didnt allow still they taken her. In phone also she started to scolding me and fighting after few days no contact through phone. I contacted their parents they said she si not using phone. To see her i went to her native she is was sitting in the bathroom and she not coming out and i was asking her dad why she is like that, she angrly came and teared my shirts and beaten me and asked to go out.

I came back and no contact from them for 10 days and using local police we inquire about family, so they informed they were admitted in hospital, they called me for seeing that doctor told she already suffering from moody disorder and schizophrenia. She was conceive and doctor told we need to abort. She not able to recognize me and came back.

Later i tried to know, how it is happen from their parents, they started to blaming me the reason for her. I tried to speak with her they didn't allow. I was shocked and completed broken. They aborted the baby also they informed me later. Completely broken again.

Later three months wife contacted me and started to blaming me and my family. I told her to listen, she is not ready and she started to blaming me i cant live like with me like that. after a month she came and informed we will start the life.  I asked what is the reason for the mental problem she tole me only reason. I spoke with doctor who treated her, she informed already she suffered from the same problem before marriage, because of the she suffering again. When i checked the medical record it is clearly says  that she is suffering before marriage also from the mental disorder.

I waited and spoke with here, why its happens and the reason for that she is not saying clearly. I told clearly until you explain i cant handle.

1. Because of the enormous amount of fear i have with her. Its very difficult live with her without knowing her problem.

2. So i filed the void of marriage after 10 month of the marriage date using the medical record obtained from the hospital its mention clearly that she suffered from mental disorder.

3. They started to delaying the case, they will response very delay. They filed a maintenance against me and its came favor to me. They went to high-court for stay.

4. My intention to know her problem, but they not listening me and started to blaming and filed affidavit with usual words, drinking, got aborted in bus.

5. Even after stay i waited for 1 year 8 months for mutual (my intention is not to prove her mental disorder, i cant live with fear with her she need to say the reasons and the how long  she is suffering) they didn't response properly.

6. I went to judge and argued two weeks before, they delaying the case wanted, i have been given enough time here after i cant live with her, please start the case. When judge inquired she wont speak about the issues she having, suddenly she told in front of judge i will divorce and she asked the jewelry in my home. I told i will give all in front of judge.

7. Now they again started delaying the case, they didn't give the list and they not starting the case last two hearing.

8. From their lawyer demanding me 15 lakhs, i told them i am not capable to afford that. My financial is also not such strong. 

Please tell me how to handle the situation. Now judge started the case, they not not enquier me and delaying again.

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Re: Void - Nullity of marriage
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2018, 04:41:32 AM »
Get your matter referred to mediation, regarding your wife's demands well she is in the market now, she would like to grab the best price from you.

Its your fear that will fetch her the money. you you don't show fear than she won't get much.

In matrimonial cases Judges don't want to pass orders in hurry, it is the delay which ultimately brings both parties to settle through mediation, so don't expect much from court other than delays.

your patience is key in matrimonial cases.
Advocate Lyngdoh
Laitumkhrah, Shillong

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Re: Void - Nullity of marriage
« Reply #2 on: December 20, 2018, 12:25:56 AM »
Dear Sir,

You can get speedy justice and time bound justice  by approaching High Court but the issue is payment of alimony as may be decided by the Court. You must be very cautious about your financial resources otherwise you have to shell out lodge amount of alimony.

Kishan Dutt Kalaskar
Retd Judge and Advocate
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Malleswaram, Bengaluru-560003.
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