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Child Witness:
The competency of a witness is the condition precedent to the administration of oath or affirmation, and is a question distinct from that of his creditability when he has been sworn or has been affirmed - - Divi Jain - Added Date: 5 Oct 2007

Special Economic Zone-Myth and Reality:
This article tries to give a complete overview about the special economic zones in India and analyses the legal issues related there of. The article also tries to emphasize what steps can be ushered to overcome the problems. - - Abhirup Ghosh - Added Date: 6 Oct 2007

The Living Mother of the Dead:
the present article is just an opinion. This artcicle stresses on the human right violations in West Bengal with the help of the 'Rizwanur Case'. - - Ashish Goel - Added Date: 9 Oct 2007

Democracy of judicial remedies:
THE DAWN of the modern era of human rights culture was signaled by the Proclamation by the General Assembly of the United Nations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 - - shivam & shalini - Added Date: 13 Oct 2007

Winding Up of a Company - A different Legal Perspective:
Winding-up in literal sense, means to bring to a conclusion or an end by putting in order.[1] It is defined as the process by which the life of a company is ended and its property - - Vasudha Tamrakar and Pratibha Pal - Added Date: 14 Oct 2007

The expression “appeal” has not been defined in the Code of Civil Procedure 1908. It is an application or petition to appeal higher Court for are consideration of the decision of appeal lower court - - Vasudha Tamrakar & garima Tiwari - Added Date: 14 Oct 2007

Ad Hoc and Institutional Arbitration:
Arbitration may be defined as “the process by which a dispute or difference between two or more parties as to their mutual legal rights and liabilities is referred to and determined judicially - - Vasudha Tamrakar and Garima Tiwari - Added Date: 14 Oct 2007

Plea Bargaining:
This Article outlines the concept of plea barging. The basic aim of the author has been to cull the advantages of this concept in criminal justice system and the relief which it bring to the pressure on the Courts. - - Sowmya Suman - Added Date: 24 Oct 2007

Corporate Criminal Liability - An Analysis:
This Article primarily focuses on the various theories propounded by the legal system of various countries to combat the problem faced in the arena of corporate criminal liability. The author has tried to make a comparative analysis of corporate criminal liability with reference to the verdicts of Courts of different countries. The author has also dealt with the response of Indian legal system towards this category of liability referring to various judgments of the Apex Court. - - Sowmya Suman - Added Date: 2 Nov 2007

Prevention of Money Laundering Act:
Money laundering involves disguising financial assets so that they can be used without detection of the illegal activity that let to its production. - - Deboshree Banerji - Added Date: 8 Nov 2007

Arbitral Awards:
The following article attempts to bring out the simple problems that parties face while enforcing arbitral awards in India, be them local or foreign awards or be them local or foreign parties. - - Shubham Yogi - Added Date: 11 Nov 2007

Delay and Arrear Reduction in ADR:
The mounting arrears in the courts, inordinate delays in the administration of justice and expenses of litigation have resulted in the adoption of ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’ mechanisms.- - Jhuma Sen - Added Date: 17 Nov 2007

Euthanasia and Human Rights:
The article throws light on the position of euthanasia in our country with the help of various cases and with special emphasis on its impact on the human rights. article 21 has been discussed elaborately in the article to make the human rights issue clear with respect to euthanasia. the position regarding euthanasia in other countries has also been discussed briefly - - Mohita & Aman Chhibber
Added Date: 22 Nov 2007

American Judiciary:
Few facts On American Judiciary, Its Courts, How are Judges Appointed, Who are the members of the Judicial Conference, a look into the The Judicial Conference, Filing a case etc - - Tarun.D.Choudhury - Added Date: 13 Jan 2008

Foreign Law Firms In India:
The Indian legal profession has, in recent years, undergone a significant change, emerging as highly competitive and ready to move along with the ongoing wave of globalization. The interest of foreign law firms to open shop in India therefore is hardly surprising, since India offers a full range of legal services, of comparable quality, at literally a fraction of the price that would otherwise have to be paid.Shall this help an already growing Indian legal market, or shall it only mean a job loss for Indian law grads? - - Ashok Priyadarshi Nayak - Added Date: 30 Jan 2008


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