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Medical malpractice:
Medical malpractice is an act of negligence committed by a medical provider, a physician in most situations. It is defined as doing something a medical provider of ordinary skill would not have done, or failing to do that which a medical provider of ordinary skill would have done. - By Shilpa Goel - Added Date: 29 Sep 2007

A Study of Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970:
In the present day world globalization is increasing at a very high pace and it is resulting in profit oriented economies which in turn leads to the promotion of contract labour. - - Shashank Agarwal & Saurabh Tiwari - Added Date: 3 Oct 2007

Dishonour of Security Cheques:
Cases of cheque bounce are not uncommon these days. In most of the transactions be it re-payment of loan or payment of fees for business purpose, payments are made by cheque - - Adv.surabhi Narula - Added Date: 4 Oct 2007

Insurer and Insured:
An Insurance Policy is a combination of protection and savings to meet your future needs. In today’s life the worthiness of insurance can not denied by any one. - - Chhoti Shahi - Added Date: 4 Oct 2007

Vague and Uncertain Insurance Policy:
It has often been found that at the time of claim of insurance made by the insured, the insurance company manipulates that your claim is in - - Chhoti Shahi
Added Date: 5 Oct 2007

Summary Court Marital and the Indian Judiciary:
The Indian Army is still following the system of military justice it inherited from the British though the law in the UK has changed to deep pace with the modern practices of justice. - - Divi Jain - Added Date: 5 Oct 2007

Exchange of organs:
the article is about how organs are transplanted in India, sometimes illegally, and how the myths stand in the way of these organ transplantations. it further provides for the boons and banes of organ transplantation. - - Ashish Goel - Added Date: 8 Oct 2007

Government Contracts:
The article purposes to review and analyze provisions in the Indian Contract Act and the Constitution of India with respect to Government contracts. - - Veena Gopalakrishnan - Added Date: 8 Oct 2007

Law & Morality- Moore's Concept:
Morality has become a complicated issue in the multi-cultural world we live in today. Timeless wisdom explains that there cannot be a complete law unless there lays the effect and inclusion of morality. - -Vasudha Tamrakar - Added Date: 9 Oct 2007

Interpretation of Polluter Pays Principle:
This article is about the recent Polluter Pays Principle imbibed in our country by judiciary from international customary law. Polluter Pays Principle has become a popular catchphrase in recent times.- - Mr. Himanshu Choudhary - Added Date: 9 Oct 2007

Working of Statute of Legal Aid in India:
Article Focuses on working of legal aid through different broad headings including 42nd amendment and supreme court guidelines. - - Ishan V Vyas - Added Date: 10 Oct 2007

Right to Information:
This articles mainly points out what is the importance of RTI in Indian scenario, what is rti's constitutional importance and social group work are helpful in implementing it- - Ajay Bishnoi & Hemant Thadhani - Added Date: 27 Oct 2007

Is Illegality an obsolete concept in International Law:
The article looks at the hegemonic redefinition of international law, through the perspective of humanitarian interventions and elucidates the tangle of morality and legality of laws in the international realm causing for the obliteration of illegality from international law. - - Parvathi Menon - Added Date: 2 Nov 2007

The Kyoto Dilemma:
The Kyoto Protocol’s Provisions on Carbon Trading is an innovative method of controlling emissions using the free market. The system has its limitations, and is not a perfect method of reducing global warming, but Carbon Trading provides a great platform for efficient emission and global warming reduction. - - L.Gopi Krishna - Added Date: 5 Nov 2007

Victims of Trafficking:
Trafficking in human beings is a global phenomenon, which has gained momentum in recent years. The reasons for the increase in this phenomenon are multiple and complex - - Puneet Jassal - Added Date: 12 Dec 2007


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