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Internet laws in India

Internet laws in India

Internet laws governing: Cyber Crime, Terrorism, Data Protection, Data Exclusivity, Digital Signatures, Electronic agents, Data Theft, Identity Theft, E-contracts and Servers

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Internet laws in India

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Data Protection Law in India:
The purpose of this article is to throw light upon the laws that are for the protection of data inh India. A comparative and critical analysis with the foreign laws relating to data protection has been made. - - Pankaj Kumar - Added Date: 6 Oct 2007

Emergence of Knowledge Economy:
In an agricultural economy land is the key resource. In an industrial economy natural resources, such as coal and iron ore, and labour are the main resources. - - Husain Nazish Irshad - Added Date: 2 Dec 2007

Cyber Crime And Law:
contributes an understanding of the effects of negative use of Information technology, and how far the present law in India is successful in dealing with the issue, and what way is the legal structure lagging to curb the crime. - - Akanksha & Akshay - Added Date: 14 Jan 2008

Cyber Terrorism:
Cyber terrorism is the premeditated use of disruptive activities, or the threat thereof, in cyber space, with the intention to further social, ideological, religious, political or similar objectives, or to intimidate any person in furtherance of such objectives. - - Subhojyoti Acharya - Added Date: 6 Feb 2008

Data Exclusivity Law:
Data exclusivity is a matter of heated controversy now-a-days all over the world and a source of tussle between developing and developed countries - - Amit Bhaskar - Added Date: 20 Mar 2008

Legal Dimensions of Information Technology - issues of copyright:
It is related to the cyber world and the main focus is given on the issues such as the cyber crimes, right to information and the copyright issues. - - Dr. (Ms.) Thrity D. Patel & Azim Pathan - Added Date: 20 Mar 2008

Digital Signatures:
Digital Signatures have been provided for in the Information Technology Act, 2000, to bring about a minimum level of security in the increasing amount of data transfer over the Internet - - Nandini Devare - Added Date: 22 Apr 2008

Electronic agents:
Undoubtedly, the influences of IT (‘Information Technology’) have already invaded every corner of our daily lives. Nowadays, it is unimaginable if one determines not to relevant with this new technology at all - - Sachin Mishra - Added Date: 31 Oct 2008

Data Theft in Cyber Space:
This Article highlights the suseptibilty of data to theft in the digital age. It analyses as to what are the current provisions in the existing law on such theft and whether it can be brought under the ambit of the Indian Penal Code, 1860. - - Robin George - Added Date: 23 Nov 2008

Identity Theft:
All across India, the fastest growing White Collar Crime in the nation has been identified as Identity Theft and its affecting each one of us in insidious ways - - Pulkit Tare - Added Date: 5 Dec 2008

Breach of privacy & Confidentiality:
The article deals with Section 72 of the Information Technology Act, 2000 which speaks about penalty for Breach of Confidentiality and privacy - - Nimitha Salim - Added Date: 10 Jan 2009

Cyber Crimes & Cyber Law:
Information technology deals with information system, data storage, access, retrieval, analysis and intelligent decision making. Information technology - - Jagruti Dekavadiya - Added Date: 16 Mar 2009

Cyber Terrorism & Various Legal Compliances:
Terrorism is defined as premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by sub national groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience. - - Vibhor Verdhan - Added Date: 17 Jul 2009

E-contracts & issues involved in its formation:
An attempt to reveal the incomplete character of the laws present in India w.r.t the econtratcs by analysing issues involved in the formation of an e-contract when it is analysed hand in hand with the conventional forms of contracts involving legal persons. - - Aniket Waghdhare - Added Date: 17 Jul 2009

Servers & Routers in India by a foreign entity:
Countries negotiate bilateral tax treaties to govern the tax treatment of cross-border transactions. Under most tax treaties, a company that sells goods and services to foreign markets - - Swati Sinha - Added Date: 22 Jul 2009

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