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Copyright in judgments
Article: It is very important to know certain details about copyrights before analyzing the topic in hand which is copyright in judgments. Some relevant sections of the Indian Copyright Act, 1957 - - Srinit Misra
Lenght: 4541 words
Added Date: 22 Jul 2009
    Views: 62     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Controversy of Section 3(D) of The Indian Patent Act
Article: Under the Indian Patent Law there are certain inventions which are deemed specifically not patentable. These are defined in Section 3 sub section d of the Indian Patent Act. - - Raheel Rashad daureeawo
Lenght: 5465 words
Added Date: 22 Nov 2009
    Views: 111     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Patent & Its Effect In India

Covers History Of Patent Law, its origin, its development, its impact on developing nations, dipute regarding product and process patent etc

Lenght: 2511 words
Added Date: 22 Nov 2009
    Views: 112     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Trade Secret
Article: Trade secret is a formula, process, device, or other business information that is kept confidential to maintain an advantage over competitors. It is an information-including a formula, pattern, compilation, program, device, method, technique, or process - - Pradip Das
Lenght: 2898 words
Added Date: 14 Feb 2010
    Views: 6     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Total: 34      Displaying: 31 - 34      Pages:  1 2 3  

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