Private Defence, Corruption, Rule of law, Res Judicata, Doctrine of Pleasure, Cooperative Federalism, SC and ST Act, Prosecution of Public Servants
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Private Defence, Corruption, Rule of law, Res Judicata, Doctrine of Pleasure, Cooperative Federalism In India, Scheduled Castes and Tribes Act, Prosecution of Public Servants

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Hung Parliament:
The oxford dictionary defines Hung Parliament as “parliament in which no party has clear majority”. In Parliamentary systems, a Hung Parliament or a minority government is one - - Alipak Banerjee - Added Date: 11 Sep 2009

Role of Writs in the Administrative Law:
Administrative law has greatly demarcated the checks, balances and permissible area of an exercise of power, authority and jurisdiction over administrative actions enforced by the any State, Governmental agencies and instrumentalities defined under Article 12 of the Constitution of India. - - Shivangi M. Rana - Added Date: 22 Nov 2009

Right To Die:
Constitution is a social document. It is the society in its political aspect. We can't understand its nature without understanding the chief characteristics of the society. - - Foram Thakar - Added Date: 22 Nov 2009

Water Management:
In any organized society, right to live, as meeting does not ensure a human being only the animal needs of men. It is secured only when he is assured of all facilities to develop - - Mohit Singhvi - Added Date: 17 Jan 2010

Prosecution of Public Servants:
This article deals with the much disputed area of law, wherein the question relates to the appropriate authority in granting santion for the prosecution for public servants. - - Chahat Chawl - Added Date: 14 Feb 2010

Scheduled Castes and Tribes Act:
The cure is part of the cause in this case; as members of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (SC/STs), also known as Dalits, avail themselves of the advantages of reservation, and awareness of rights increases - - Dhruvan , Mohan Roy & Shiv Shankar - Added Date: 14 Feb 2010

Cooperative Federalsim In India:
Historical roots of cooperative federalism to the Mughal Period and goes on to give a panoramic coverage of its dynamic functioning in the Indian Democracy from the 1950s to the present, in the light of, inter alia, the role of the judiciary, discipline in the political parties- Anusha Singh - Added Date: 14 Feb 2010

Doctrine of Pleasure:
Effective and efficient governance is the expectation of every civilized society. This role is performed by the government which is one of the four essential elements of the state viz. The Executive - - Shashwat Agarwal - Added Date: 14 Feb 2010

Res Judicata:
Res Judicata is a phrase which has been evolved from a Latin maxim, which stand for ‘the thing has been judged’, meaning there by that the issue before the court has already been decided - - Shashwat Agarwal - Added Date: 14 Feb 2010

Rule of Law in India & UK:
Rule of law is the supreme manifestation of human civilization and culture and is a new ‘lingua franca’ of global moral thought. It is an eternal value of constitutionalism and inherent attribute of democracy and good governance - - Varsha - Added Date: 14 Feb 2010

Rule of law:
For a purposeful rule of law to exist in a society, democracy is required and for a democratic state the prevalence of rule of law is required. Thus, it can be concluded that democracy and rule of law are interdependent and one cannot flourish without the other. India is world’s largest democracy. - - Chhavi Agarwal
Added Date: 14 Feb 2010

Silence of The Lambs - Article 20(3):
Protection Prescribe By The Constitution In It’s Fundamental Right For Prohibition Against The Self-Incrimination, Which Are Being Proceedurely Vague & Unspoken In The Adminstrative Arena. - - Apurv Shah - Added Date: 14 Feb 2010

Office of Profit:
Article 102(1)(a) of the Constitution of India makes the holding of an office of profit by a member of Parliament a ground for disqualification from the membership of Parliament. - - Sachin Sachdeva - Added Date: 24 Feb 2010

Corruption: A Menace In India:
Corruption literally means “Inducement of a public official by improper means (as bribery) to violate duty by committing a felony".In the author's view corruption is the root cause of all other problems that a country faces. - - Kunal. J. Vyas - Added Date: 24 Feb 2010

Private Defence:
Section 96 to 106 of the penal code states the law relating to the right of private defence of person and property. The provisions contained in these sections give authority to a man to use necessary force - - Mohi Kumari - Added Date: 24 Feb 2010

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