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Commercial Sex Workers

The commercial sex worker has been a universal being throughout civilization as prostitution is the so-called "oldest profession". - - Rohit Anand Das

Lenght: 1446 words
Added Date: 4 Oct 2007
    Views: 2899     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act
Article: It is regarding the need, nature ,structure and purpose and the initiative of the legislation along with the reasons of it being proven a menace and resulting in discrimination of men.It covers an extensive and comprehensive impact of the legislation, both legally and socially. - - Mehak Khanna
Lenght: 3874 words
Added Date: 21 Jan 2008
    Views: 2484     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005
Article: Despite of these legislations there is no legislation which particularly deals with rights of women against domestic violence. But what renders women powerless now is that in the absence of legislation defining a marital household - - Renuka Aloria
Lenght: 3699 words
Added Date: 19 Mar 2008
    Views: 1398     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Vishakha Judgement’
Article: Vishakha Judgement brought out the problem of sexual harassment at workplace in public glare. Even after the Supreme Court gave the guidelines, harassment is still prevalent, many a times it is unreported. Even after a decade to the historical judgment, the government has not been able to implement the sexual harassment bill with success, as women group across India are not satisfied with it - - Devina Awasthi
Lenght: 1737 words
Added Date: 12 May 2008
    Views: 813     Reviews: 1  
   Avg Rating: 

Trafficking in Women

the ever haunting and growing incident of trafficking in women and children that are increasingly coming to light in the present times. It discusses the meaning, incidents, causes, techniques and consequences of trafficking along with the efforts of various NGOs in rehabilitation of victims of trafficking. - - Suyasha Jawa

Lenght: 2082 words
Added Date: 12 Jun 2008
    Views: 479     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Vicarious Liability of Employers in Sexual torts committed by employees
Article: With a steep rise in the number of womenfolk being employed in the patriarchal society like India, the safety of women is a thing to be pondered over. There arises a crucial need to check such expected but inevitable consequences of women entering the fray, with an expectation of being given their due regard. Employees committing sexual harassment over their female colleagues cannot afford to go unnoticed by the employer. - - Dhivya Manivannan
Lenght: 3345 words
Added Date: 25 Jun 2008
    Views: 431     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Women Suffrage
Article: A comparative perspective toward women’s voting right between Scandinavian and Middle Eastern countries -with a focus in Iran - - Negar Niknam
Lenght: 2773 words
Added Date: 23 Sep 2008
    Views: 325     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Violence against woman - Issue Of Honor killing
Article: A woman can be targeted by individuals within her family for a variety of reasons, including: refusing to enter into an arranged marriage, being the victim of a sexual assault, seeking a divorce - - Siddarth Banke
Lenght: 2795 words
Added Date: 29 Oct 2008
    Views: 322     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Medical termination of Pregnancy
Article: This article is to bring into light how blatantly is the right to life of a mother and a disabled child violated when the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971 is read with section 312 of the Indian Penal Code. - - Amitabh Sengupta
Lenght: 2420 words
Added Date: 7 Jan 2009
    Views: 206     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Female Foeticide
Article: The Article is about the problem of female foeticide and how it has grown over the years.On what basis is it being justified and effectiveness of the laws enacted. - - Banashri.B.Savanoor
Lenght: 2702 words
Added Date: 23 Jan 2009
    Views: 281     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

National Commission For Women
Article: It is said that the best way to know about society, a civilization and a culture, try to know as much possible about the women. - - Bhanu pratap singh
Lenght: 3424 words
Added Date: 28 Feb 2009
    Views: 170     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Muslim womens right for dissolution of marriage
Article: The Shariah law is quite progressive as far as women are concerned. Islam was the first religion in the world to recognise women as legal entities - - Neha Malik
Lenght: 5273 words
Added Date: 23 Apr 2009
    Views: 155     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Condition of Women Working In the Unorganised Sector
Article: When Amartya Sen had taken up the issue of women’s welfare, he was accused in India of voicing “foreign concern”. He was told, Indian women don’t think like that about equality. - - Prantika Sengupta
Lenght: 2034 words
Added Date: 14 Feb 2010
    Views: 5     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Surrogacy Contracts
Article: The question on legality of surrogacy contract revolves around the models of Rights Jurisprudence and Regimes of State Responsibility; the former insists on the importance of institution of rights - - Neha Meena
Lenght: 2875 words
Added Date: 14 Feb 2010
    Views: 5     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Total: 14      Displaying: 1 - 14      Pages:  1  

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