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Right To Information
Article: The Right to Information Act 2005 is a law enacted by the Parliament of India giving Indians (except those in the State of Jammu and Kashmir who have their own special law) access to Government records - - Namita Singh & Abhay Pratap Singh
Lenght: 3991 words
Added Date: 23 Feb 2008
    Views: 2029     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Constitutional Morality And Judicial Values
Article: Justice and Rule of Law are perhaps two of the noblest concepts evolved by the wit of the man that survived the test of the time through out the world.- - Minu Elizabeth Scaria
Lenght: 3150 words
Added Date: 5 Mar 2008
    Views: 1763     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Right to Information in India
Article: A democratic society survives by accepting new ideas, experimenting with them, and rejecting them if found unimportant. Therefore it is necessary that whatever ideas the government - - Manoj Kumar Bhati
Lenght: 1589 words
Added Date: 5 Mar 2008
    Views: 1764     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Gender Inequality
Article: Man and woman are both equal and both plays a vital role in the creation and development of their families in a particular and the society in general. Indeed, the struggle for legal equality has been one of the major concerns of the womenís movement all over the world.- - Abhishek Vinod Deshmukh
Lenght: 5447 words
Added Date: 21 Mar 2008
    Views: 1302     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Legal Aid

Free legal aid undoubtedly is beneficial to poor people and has been instituted with the noble purpose. Yet it has become a good ground for breeding corruption - - Arindam Datta

Lenght: 4679 words
Added Date: 10 Apr 2008
    Views: 1263     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Granting Cultural And Education Rights To The Minority In India
Article: The purpose to guarantee these rights and to distinguish them from majority was not creating such discrimination but to make them able, to diffuse them with the majority. Even the foreigner residing in India and forming the well defined religious and linguistic minority also fall under the preview of this Article - - Amit Kumar Jha
Lenght: 2948 words
Added Date: 22 Apr 2008
    Views: 939     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Austinís theory of Sovereignty in modern India and Pakistan
Article: Austin in Province of Jurisprudence Determined broke the shackles of natural law, following his teacher Bentham, and provided for a newer legal theory, which was more scientific in nature. - - Radhika Raman
Lenght: 8300 words
Added Date: 27 Apr 2008
    Views: 877     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Abolition of Zamindari System in Rajasthan
Article: The system of Zamindari is not unknown to anyone in India. The politicians of post-independence time had promised the uneducated public of India that the system will be abolished after independence - - Ajay Gadhwal & Priyanka Lal
Lenght: 2256 words
Added Date: 12 May 2008
    Views: 731     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

I. R. Cohelo Vs. State Of Tamilnadu

In the present study this chapter is of utmost importance as it is the recent case relating to the confrontation of power between the Supreme Court and the Parliament. - - Azim Pathan

Lenght: 9756 words
Added Date: 16 May 2008
    Views: 730     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Article: Reservation acted as a boon for our countryís development and individual rights. A member of a scheduled caste who was not earlier even allowed to attend a panchayat can now become a Sarpanch - - Ritu Bhadana
Lenght: 876 words
Added Date: 11 Jun 2008
    Views: 478     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Distribution Of Revenues
Article: its about distribution of revenues among unions and states and certain restrictions provided in it and also a brief abour Finance Commission - - Komal Dave
Lenght: 4096 words
Added Date: 23 Jun 2008
    Views: 410     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Right to Information Act, 2005
Article: Right to information is more or less a universal concept. The concept of Right to know and right to Information, and right to make a demand for certain documents with the public authorities had been dealt with - - Induja. M. J
Lenght: 2384 words
Added Date: 29 Oct 2008
    Views: 306     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Legal Aid
Article: explores the efficacy of the concept of legal aid after its express insertion in form Article 39A in the Constitution of India and how far the vision of Justice P.N. Bhagwati and Justice Krishna Iyer expressed through their report on Committee for Legal Aid, 1973 has been realized - - Himani Kaul & Deepika Singh
Lenght: 1598 words
Added Date: 31 Oct 2008
    Views: 326     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Article 12
Article: The article deals with scope of Article 12 of the Constitution and how it is changing with innovative decisions of the Supreme Court. The express language of the Article is narrow but as a part of its obligation, the apex court on various occasions - - Bhumika Sharma
Lenght: 987 words
Added Date: 1 Dec 2008
    Views: 204     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Public Interest Litigation

Public interest litigation is not in the nature of adversary litigation. “The purpose of P.I.L. is to promote the public interest which mandates that violation of legal or constitutional rights of a large number of persons; poor, down-trodden, ignorant, socially or economically disadvantaged should not go unredressed - - Mohd Haris Usmani

Lenght: 11070 words
Added Date: 1 Dec 2008
    Views: 400     Reviews: 3  
   Avg Rating: 

Total: 75      Displaying: 31 - 45      Pages:  1 2 3 4 5  

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