Topic: section 10. Procedure for transaction of business

(1) The Commission shall meet regularly at its office at such time as the Chairperson thinks fit, but three months shall not intervene between its last and the next meeting.

(2) All decisions at a meeting shall be taken by majority :
Provided that in the case of equality of votes, the Chairperson, or in his absence the person presiding, shall have and exercise a second or casting vote.

(3) If for any reason, the Chairperson, is unable to attend the meeting of the Commission, any Member chosen by the Members present from amongst themselves at the meeting, shall preside.

(4) The Commission shall observe such rules of procedure in the transaction of its business at a meeting, including the quorum at such meeting, as may be prescribed by the Central Government.

(5) All orders and decisions of the Commission shall be authenticated by the Member-Secretary or any other officer of the Commission duly authorised by Member-Secretary in this behalf.