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    Waman Rao Case 1981: Landmark Judgment supported the validity of the Ceiling on Holdings applied on individuals -Vineeta Narayan- Posted: 2023/12/31

    Actus Non Facit Reum Nisi Mens Sit Rea: The conception of this Latin maxim is established to distinguish between intended -Vineeta Narayan- Posted: 2023/12/31

    Cast-Based Reservation: A Critical Examination Of Indian’s Affirmative Action: India's caste-based reservation system, documenting its development -Sajal Anand- Posted: 2023/12/31

    The Role Of Safeguarding Human Rights In The Age Of Cybersecurity Threats: In the twenty-first century, the use of technology has grown rapidly on a global scale. -Aastha Prakash- Posted: 2023/12/31

    The Nuances Of Stamp Duty On Issuance Of Share Certificate: The capital of a company is divided into units of small denominations and these units -Chunauti Gupta- Posted: 2023/12/31

    Revitalizing India's Legal Landscape: A Comprehensive Overview of New Criminal Codes: In a historic move aimed at transforming India's legal landscape, the government -Samridhi Sharma- Posted: 2023/12/31

    Balancing The Scale Of Justice By Unveiling The Alibi Defence: The plea of Alibi is a requisite element of criminal law which protects the individual -Sushree sangita Panda- Posted: 2023/12/31

    Qualification And Disqualification For Members Of The House Of People And State Legislative Assemblies: The Representation People Act, 1951: Political parties constitute an essential feature of modern political system and have become indispensable -Satwinder Singh- Posted: 2023/12/31

    Exploring The Best Law Colleges In Telangana: A Comprehensive Search: Are you a budding legal eagle with dreams of joining the prestigious ranks of lawyers -Priyanka Patil- Posted: 2023/12/31

    Publication By Shyam Meera Singh On Convict Ram Rahim: Every right runs with a duty and the right of free speech under the Constitution of India -Sahil Dhingra- Posted: 2023/12/31

    An Appraisal For Test Identification Parade: Test Identification Parade is discussed under Section 9 of Indian Evidence Act, 1872 -Poojashree A- Posted: 2023/12/30

    Evolution And Comparison Of Competition Laws: US, UK And India: The idea of Monopoly in a freely competitive market breeds the idea of Anti-Competition legislations -Akshat Mittal- Posted: 2023/12/30

    The Ramifications Of Communal Disharmony On A Nation: The disharmony between different communities, encompassing their divisions, tensions, and conflicts -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/12/30

    Necessity Of Goodwill In An Action For Passing Off: The case at hand revolves around a contentious trademark dispute concerning the mark "KHADI." -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/12/30

    What is The Process of Divorce in New York: Divorce is a complex and emotionally challenging journey that many individuals find themselves -Alaina- Posted: 2023/12/30

    All You Need To About Form 15CA and Form 15CB: In the course of business, it happens that many payments are made outside India -Ishita Ramani- Posted: 2023/12/30

    How to Protect Yourself: Understanding Indemnity and Guarantee Contracts: Contracts of indemnity and guarantee are a part of special contracts designed to offer security -Priyanka Jain- Posted: 2023/12/30

    Basic Structure Doctrine: Rethinking the Foundations of Indian Constitutional Law: The "Basic Structure Doctrine" is a significant legal principle with far-reaching implications -Manshi Priyadarshini Biswal- Posted: 2023/12/30

    Appeal From Original Decree: The expression 'appeal' has not been defined in the Code, but it may be defined as "the judicial examination of the -Nickey Kumari- Posted: 2023/12/30

    Agricultural Trade In International Market: The EU is the world's number one trade in agricultural products, both in terms of imports and exports.-Kumari Ankita- Posted: 2023/12/29

    Incorporation Of Company: How We Became a Company: The Companies act of 2013's arrangements give the expression "Organization" -Preksha Goenka- Posted: 2023/12/29

    Case Comment on: Floating Services Ltd. v/s MV San Fransceco Dipaloa: The company is also considered as a juristic person. It has all the rights and liabilities. -Swati- Posted: 2023/12/29

    Case Analysis: M.S.Madhusoodhanan v/s Kerela Kaumudi Pvt.Ltd (2003) 117 Comp Cas 19(SC): Kerela Kaumudi, a private limited company, incorporated under the companies Act, 1913 -Nickey Kumari- Posted: 2023/12/29

    Defense on the Basis of Erroneously Granted Trademark Registration: The case concerning the trademarks 'GK hair' of the Plaintiff and 'GK wellness' of the Defendants delves -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/12/29

    Cross-Pollination Of Legal Systems: Impact Of International Jurisprudence On Indian Arbitration Laws: India passed the 1996 Arbitration & Conciliation Act in order to implement the UNICITRAL -Srijan Sahay- Posted: 2023/12/29

    Right Law Firm for Your Legal Needs: Finding the correct law firm is critical when dealing with legal issues. Navigating the procedure might be difficult with so many alternatives -Lead india- Posted: 2023/12/29

    Gender Neutral Interpretation: A Change That Negates The Purpose Of SMA, 1954: A critically welcoming observation was made by Retd. Justice. Ravindra Bhat in the same-sex marriage -Yokheswara M D- Posted: 2023/12/29

    Insight Into The New Jersey Domestic Violence Registry: The New Jersey Domestic Violence Registry is a crucial tool in safeguarding individuals -Victor- Posted: 2023/12/29

    Trademark Injunction in Relation to Eateries: The realm of intellectual property rights, particularly trademark law, is a crucial mechanism -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/12/29

    Bail: A Fear Of Lower Courts: Bail is a legal mechanism that allows an arrested person to be released -Dilvansh Bhatia- Posted: 2023/12/28

    The Case for and Against the Legalization of Prostitution: Prostitution is a business or practices in which male or female take part in sexual activity -Kumari Ankita- Posted: 2023/12/28

    Citizenship Under The Indian Constitution: The origin of citizenship can be traced back to Ancient Greece, when "citizens" were those who had a legal right -Vaidehi Sharma- Posted: 2023/12/28

    A Ray Of Hope For Gender Equality In A Strangulated Society: The Uniform Civil Code: Without a Uniform Civil Code, labeling India a Secular nation is just an illusion -Surya. A. Nair- Posted: 2023/12/28

    The Admissibility And Challenges Digital Evidence In Court: The study looks into how important it is for digital forensic specialists to maintain -Soumya Prakash Hota- Posted: 2023/12/28

    Insanity In Its Medico-Legal Aspect: Introduction, Causes of Mental Ill Health: Health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence -Satwinder Singh- Posted: 2023/12/28

    Eyewitness Testimony: A Reliable Source Of Evidence Or Roll Of Dice?: The judicial system has historically valued eyewitness testimony highly as a type of evidence. -Priyansi Panigrahi- Posted: 2023/12/28

    How to Start Your Accounting Business in the USA: Accounting is a more diverse profession than many people realize and can offer both long-term employer -Ishita Ramani- Posted: 2023/12/28

    Sports Industry And IP Laws: Focusing On Copyright In India: When we take into consideration the sports industry then we see that it's not only driven by passion -Akanksha- Posted: 2023/12/28

    Deepfakes And Online Defamations: A Looming Threat To Identity And Reputation: The digital age has ushered in remarkable advancements -Nisha Ola- Posted: 2023/12/28

    Interpretation And Implications Of The Biological Diversity Act In Patent Applications: The interplay between intellectual property rights and biological resources has long been -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/12/28

    Doctrine Of Severability And Its Application Under Article 370: When a part of the statute is declared unconstitutional then a question arises whether the whole of the statute -Vidhya Yamini Sree. PA- Posted: 2023/12/27

    A Real Estate Lawyer's Role in India: Navigating Complicated Legalities with Ease: Real estate deals in India are sometimes fraught with legal difficulties and bureaucracy. -Lead India- Posted: 2023/12/27

    Selvi v/s State Of Karnataka: Understanding Forensic Testing-Limits, Legalities, and Rights: Forensic laboratory or a hospital would effectively be in a custodial environment.-Tripti Singh- Posted: 2023/12/27

    What Is Deceptive Practices In MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)?: Deceptive practices refer to actions or strategies that are intended to mislead -Robinsh Kumar- Posted: 2023/12/27

    What We Learn From Lord Krishna In Context Of ADR?: In the context of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), there are valuable insights -Robinsh Kumar- Posted: 2023/12/27

    Medical Examination of a Child Victim (POCSO Act 2012): Section 9 of The POCSO Act: Medical Examination of the Child -Robinsh Kumar- Posted: 2023/12/27

    Sovereignty And Its Concepts: Sovereignty is a key concept in political theory. Derived from the Latin term Superanus -Sulaja RS- Posted: 2023/12/27

    Workplace Conflicts: Understanding the Industrial Dispute Act: Sec.2 (j) of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 defines 'industry' as any business, trade, undertaking, manufacture -Mohamed Riyas- Posted: 2023/12/27

    Bosnia and Herzegovina versus Serbia and Montenegro: Case Analysis: The Bosnia and Herzegovina v. Serbia and Montenegro case, which was heard by the International Court of Justice -Dhriti Goyal- Posted: 2023/12/26

    Comprehensive Analysis Of Kesavananda Bharati v/s State Of Kerala (1973): Kesavananda Bharati case is a landmark judgment in the Indian Constitutional law -Swathika Kadieswaran- Posted: 2023/12/26

    The Architectural Backbone: Understanding the Doctrine of Basic Structure: The Doctrine of Basic Structure, established in 1973 through Kesavananda Bharati vs State of Kerala -Disha Sania- Posted: 2023/12/26

    Telecom Bill 2023: The Legal Landscape of Connectivity: The telecommunications sector in India has undergone a remarkable transformation -Darshan Mundane- Posted: 2023/12/26

    What is the process to file Form ITR 5?: The Income Tax Department of India has made it compulsory for individuals -Ishita Ramani- Posted: 2023/12/26

    Business Method And Bar Of Section 3 (K) Of The Patent Act 1970: For selectively concealing physical address information -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/12/26

    Critically Analyzing Russia's Justification Of The Invasion Of Ukraine: In the starting of 2021, Russian military presence increased -Vishwajeet Kiran Deshmukh- Posted: 2023/12/26

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Under Companies Act, 2013: Impact And Evolution: The Companies Act, 2013 introduced Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) -Dhanraj Garwa- Posted: 2023/12/25

    Hart And Fuller Debate On Morality Of Law: A Critical Analysis: Law and morality are discrete terms with different interpretations -Shreyansh agrawal- Posted: 2023/12/25

    Exploring Privity of Contract: Its Evolution, Impact on Modern Law, and Key Legal Considerations: As a general rule, only the parties to the contract have contractual rights -Priyanka Jain- Posted: 2023/12/25

    Mediation And Conciliation: Interchangeable Terms Or Different?: Alternative dispute Resolution (ADR) refers to when a resolution to a dispute -Prachi Kushwaha- Posted: 2023/12/25

    Constitutional Validity of Marital Rape Exemption (MRE) as under Exception: Sec. 372 of the IPC (1860): Clearly mentions that any law in force in the territory of India before the commencement of this Constitution -Shruthi Satish Kumar- Posted: 2023/12/25

    Comparison Of Right To Life And Personal Liberty: Human rights have always been the cornerstone of civilized existence. -Ragul T- Posted: 2023/12/25

    What Do Law Firms Do?: Law companies develop as critical institutions in the complex tapestry of society -Lead india- Posted: 2023/12/25

    Issuance v/s Execution of recovery warrants: MahaProblem of MahaRERA: As per S.40(1) of the RERA Act, 2016; MahaRERA can issue recovery warrant against errant promoters -Sanket Lohote- Posted: 2023/12/25

    The Underutilized Assets of India's Legal System: A Look at Court Managers: In 2010, a reformist wave hit India's judicial shores with the introduction of Court Managers -Dr. Dinesh Kumar- Posted: 2023/12/25

    An Insight on the Telecommunications Bill 2023: For decades, India's telecommunications landscape was governed by a patchwork of colonial-era laws -Pranav Prakash Mishra- Posted: 2023/12/24

    Copyright Infringement And Remedies For Copyright Infringement: Copyright is an extraordinary kind of licensed innovation. -Sriganesh Ji- Posted: 2023/12/24

    Legislative Functions of Administration: Administrative Law pertains to the legal framework governing the actions of government -Suryanshu Mohan- Posted: 2023/12/23

    Domestic Violence: Understanding The Complex Dynamics, Impact, And Interventions: Domestic violence is a pervasive and multifaceted social issue that transcends geographical -Tejaswin Baliyan- Posted: 2023/12/23

    Artificial Intelligence And Copyright: Faith Of Copyright Owner In Presence Of AI: This comprehensive examination delves into the intricate confluence of artificial intelligence -Shivam Tiwari- Posted: 2023/12/23

    What is GEO-Coding of Address Verification under GST system?: Geo-coding is a mandatory procedure for address verification under the Goods and Services Tax -Ishita Ramani- Posted: 2023/12/23

    Is There A Spot For Morality In Rule Of Law: Different jurists have defined law differently and from different angles -Ashutosh Banshwar- Posted: 2023/12/23

    Capital Market in India: India's capital market plays a crucial role in the nation's economic development -Ankita Paldiya- Posted: 2023/12/23

    Service Of Order: A copy of order stating the grounds of the Magistrate s satisfaction -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2023/12/23

    Challenges in Corporate Taxation and its Impact on Ease of Doing Business: Corporate taxation is an integral part of the functioning of any economy. -Ankita Paldiya- Posted: 2023/12/22

    Law and Cyber Crimes: Defending Rights in the Digital Sphere: New emerging danger of cybercrime which is becoming more and more -Akshat Parashar- Posted: 2023/12/22

    Live In Relationship In India In Contrast With Foreign Countries: live-in relationships in India, including its legal recognition and changing societal attitudes towards it.-Akshat Parashar- Posted: 2023/12/22

    A Comprehensive Analysis: Unveiling The Mind Of Serial Killer: Special reference to India. It will further discuss the factors responsible for the formation -Atharv- Posted: 2023/12/22

    Significance of Uniform Civil Code: Analyse the history of the demand for a Uniform Civil Code in India from the British period.-Atharv- Posted: 2023/12/22

    Analyse The Candlesticks Bearish Engulfing: The Bearish Engulfing candlestick pattern is a significant and often reliable chart pattern -M S Mithun Bushan- Posted: 2023/12/22

    Chief Object For Cheque Dishonour: The Chief object of the Negotiable Instruments Act is to legalize the system -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2023/12/22

    Parties Have Option To Submit Documents Or Not: A Study Under Indian Evidence Act 1872: The term "document" is defined in the Indian Evidence Act's interpretation clause.-Pragati Pragi- Posted: 2023/12/22

    Pharmaceutical Indemnity A Bane Or A Boon In The Pandemic Era: The pharmaceutical industry is a trillion-dollar industry worldwide. -Sukanya Roy- Posted: 2023/12/21

    Lajpat Nagar Bomb Blast Case: A Dive into the Conviction of the 4 Accused(s): As far as the criminal law is concerned, the Indian Penal Code is the penal law dealing -Ragini Sehgal and Sanuj Kanwar- Posted: 2023/12/21

    Unmasking Corporate Realities: A Comprehensive Study of Lifting the Corporate Veil: From a legal standpoint, a company is recognized as a separate legal entity distinct -Dilvansh Bhatia- Posted: 2023/12/21

    Transfer Of A Particular Case: The purpose of sec 24 CPC , merely to confer on the court, a discretionary power.-Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2023/12/21

    Impact Of Cyber Crime On Youth: Cyber is a prefix that is used to identify anything as belonging to the information and computer age.-Yuvraj Bhargav- Posted: 2023/12/21

    Explore The Procedural Intricacies Of Initiating Company Registration In The State Of Florida: The first thought that comes to mind when considering opening a business in the USA is probably -Ishita Ramani- Posted: 2023/12/21

    Menstrual Hygiene In Girls And Adolescents: Using The Menstrual Cycle As A Vital Sign: Menstruation is a natural biological process of women in which the uterus lining of a woman -Evana Mallick- Posted: 2023/12/21

    Knowledge and Intention: The appellants assaulted the deceased and the injured with Lathi and Luhnagi -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2023/12/21

    Significance Of Legal Right And Its Theories: Across the world, every citizen possesses certain rights and duties which play a vital role in their life. -Kuncha Anudeep Durga Prasad- Posted: 2023/12/21

    The conscious attempt by the Defendant in copying the idea behind Plaintiff's Registered Trademark: When an entity deliberately mimics another's trademark, it not only infringes upon intellectual property -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/12/21

    The locus of Registered Proprietor to Institute Suit in Geographical Indication Infringement Cases: The protection and enforcement of GIs are pivotal to safeguarding regional specialties from unauthorized -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/12/21

    New Form Of Known Substances And Bar Of Section 3 (D) Of Patent Act 1970: Section 3(d) of the Patents Act, 1970, serves as a safeguard against evergreening of patents. -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/12/21

    The Effect Of Statement Made By A Party In Reply To Trademark Examination Report: The case in question pertains to a dispute between two entities: the Plaintiff, holding the trademark 'IOD'-Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/12/21

    Preserving the Heritage of Indian Handmade Paper with GI: Handmade paper has the benefit of being completely free of wood, making it the most environmentally -Aakash Chaudhary- Posted: 2023/12/20

    AI Has Arrived But Not Its Regulations: Lack Of Laws In The Automobile Industry Relating To AI And IoT: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are revolutionary technologies of today's time. Let us understand one by one. -Shivam Yadav- Posted: 2023/12/20

    The Invisible Handcuffs: Understanding Restraints On Property Alienation: Is your right to sell your property truly absolute? Unravel the intriguing world of section 10 and discover the hidden limitations. -Avi Jain- Posted: 2023/12/20

    The Doctrine of Impossibility: Lex Non Cogit Ad Impossibila: The doctrine of 'Lex non Cogit ad impossibilia' is an age-old maxim used globally as a measure of defense -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2023/12/20

    Use Of Google Keyword Does Not Constitute Infringement Of Trademark: The intersection of trademark law and digital advertising has given rise to several contentious issues -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/12/20

    Geographical Indication for Perfumes and Fragnances: Capturing India’s Aromas: A geographical indication (GI) is a label placed on items that originate from a specific geographical -Aakash Chaudhary- Posted: 2023/12/19

    Uttarakhand Set To Implement Uniform Civil Code: Marvelous Or Lousy: The Uniform Civil Code comes under the ambit of Article 44 of the Indian constitution -Madhav juyal- Posted: 2023/12/19

    Challenges Of Assigning Ownership And Liability For Creations Generated By Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science concerned with building intelligent machines -Jibin M Abraham- Posted: 2023/12/19

    The Current Landscape Of Internet Banking In India: Internet banking, also known as online banking or e-banking -Kushagra Kumar- Posted: 2023/12/19

    The Prospect Of AI And Predictive Analytics In Criminal Law And Justice System: Advantages And Disadvantages: Technology has infiltrated every sector of society, Law not being any different -Gargi Pant- Posted: 2023/12/19

    The Impact Of GST On Mobile Phone Manufacturing In India: India's mobile phone industry has seen tremendous growth in the last few years. -Ishita Ramani- Posted: 2023/12/19

    History of Eminent Domain: The definition of eminent domain is quite straightforward -Ragul T- Posted: 2023/12/19

    Analyzing the Cancellation of the Trademark: This legal article provides a comprehensive analysis of a recent trademark dispute -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/12/19

    Distinction Between Reasonable Cause, Good Cause, and Sufficient Cause in Admitting Additional Documents: This legal article delves into a recent decision of the Hon'ble High Court of Delhi -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/12/19

    Homosexuality: A Comparative Analysis: Same-sex marriage refers to the legal union between two individuals -Aparna Srivastava- Posted: 2023/12/19

    Res Ipsa Loquitur in Trademark Infringement: This legal article delves into the intricacies of a trademark infringement case -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/12/19

    Failure of Legislations on Manual Scavenging And Way Forward: Manual scavenging can be explained as the "removal of human excrement from public streets -Anand Raj- Posted: 2023/12/19

    The Use of a Mark in a Non-Trademark Sense: This legal article examines a case where the Plaintiff, claiming to be the registered proprietor -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/12/19

    Investigation: Non action on the part of the Investigation Officer reflects upon the nature and manner -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2023/12/19

    Relief Pertaining Multiple Trademark In One Suit: In a recent legal development, a significant trademark infringement case -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/12/19

    Composition Of Arbitral Tribunal In India: The knowing expansion in the solvent progress of union over the lasted decemvirate -Geeta Kumari- Posted: 2023/12/18

    Analyzing Fair Competition In The Digital Marketplace: Rohit Arora V Zomato Private Limited: In the case of Rohit Arora v Zomato Private Limited, Mr. Arora, a longstanding consumer of Zomato's services -Dayitha.T.K- Posted: 2023/12/18

    Convergence Of Media Trial With Freedom Of Speech And Expression: A Threat To Judicial System?: Media Trial Or Kalyug: Isn't it one and the same thing when we take a look around us. -Vidhi Kawrani- Posted: 2023/12/18

    Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946: Section 3 To 13: Industrial Employment (standing orders) Act, 1946 which came into the force -Mohankumar T- Posted: 2023/12/18

    Power of Clemency: Commutation,Suspension and Remission: A pardon can be defined as an act of mercy or forgiveness. -Safa Aga- Posted: 2023/12/18

    Why Are Violent Crimes Increasing In India?: A crime is generally an illegal act punished by the state or other institutions -Mehul Jain- Posted: 2023/12/18

    Exercise of Private Defence: Land dispute between the parties, accused assaulted by gun shot,only oral evidence -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2023/12/18

    Mercy Petition: Delay in the disposal of mercy petition - Where there has been delay in the disposal -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2023/12/18

    Demarcating Analysis of Common Object And Common Intention: In the words of Kenny: "One of the main purposes of criminal law is to discourage tumultuous assemblage of men".-Mohd Asjad Nasir- Posted: 2023/12/18

    Blaming Pandit Nehru Can Not Fetch A Better India: The legacy of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, India's first prime minister, is increasingly -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/12/18

    Rights Of Buyer Created In Property Before Attachment By The Court Vis À Vis Sections 64, 47 And Order XXI, Rule 58 CPC, 1908: Section 64(1) of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (the CPC) -Sumit Kumar Shukla- Posted: 2023/12/18

    Trans Border Dispute In India: The numerous miscellaneous issues and blocks are common to the settlement of territorial disputes -Geeta Kumari- Posted: 2023/12/18

    Analysis Of Grey Market Premium (GMP) In India: With Special Reference To Tatva Chintan Intial Public Offering (IPO): Investment is a business way of assets in which later form as a generating income or appreciation. -Deepanaashri K- Posted: 2023/12/18

    Unraveling The Supreme Court's Controversial Ruling On Unstamped Arbitration Agreements: This blog has sought to unravel the legal maze surrounding the Supreme Court's controversial ruling -Baibhav Pandey- Posted: 2023/12/17

    A Brief Analysis Of Relationship Between Right To Equality With Adultery: That there is a right of every individual to be treated equally in every social, economic, political and religious aspects -Rohit Rudra- Posted: 2023/12/17

    Anti-Dumping Policy Between India And Bangladesh: India against Bangladesh which is causing the damage to the economies of the countries by attacking its domestic markets leading -Rajeshwari- Posted: 2023/12/17

    Intellectual Property Rights And Food Security: Intellectual property rights (IPR's) have become an important tool in ensuring food security -Vishal B Banne- Posted: 2023/12/17

    Uniform Civil Code: A Detailed Analysis: Uniform Civil Code, also known as "One Nation-One Law" in India. -Samridh A Sharma- Posted: 2023/12/17

    Understanding the Tort of Passing Off: Protecting Intellectual Property Rights: The "tort of passing off" is akin to a protector against deceit in the commercial sector. -Jagyansh Kumar- Posted: 2023/12/17

    Conflict On Cinematographic Field: Any visual recording with an accompanying sound recording -Sruthi- Posted: 2023/12/17

    Consumer Protection Act: Patients Delight Doctors Dilemma: Buys any goods for a consideration which has been paid or promised or partly paid -Dr Shri Gopal Kabra- Posted: 2023/12/17

    Major Flaws In The Current Indian Judicial System: The Indian Judiciary, regarded one of the world's most powerful, functions -Md.Sameer Ul Ain- Posted: 2023/12/16

    The Evolution And Impact Of Online Dispute Resolution In India Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic: Online Dispute Resolution is a technique of dispute settlement that utilizes the use of software -Swagat Kumar Tosh- Posted: 2023/12/16

    Time And Place Of Registration Under Registration Act: Section-23 And 28: While buying or selling of the property, for many years people tend to skip a fundamental -Ram Eswar Dharmaraj- Posted: 2023/12/16

    Trial Of Juvenile In Heinous Offences: In terms of beliefs, viewpoints, and moral and ethical standards, society has changed dramatically. -Mohd Salman Khan- Posted: 2023/12/16

    Importance Of Framing Issues And Discharge Of Onus By The Plaintiff In A Civil Trial: It is well settled that the judgement in civil cases is on the basis of preponderance of probabilities -Sumit Kumar Shukla- Posted: 2023/12/16

    Article 370: A Controversial Constitutional Provision in Indian History: Supreme Court upheld the Union government's action to abrogate Article 370, which granted special status to Jammu and Kashmir -Satyam Chaudhary- Posted: 2023/12/16

    Global Business Conflict Resolution Through International Arbitration: Arbitration has grown in popularity and effectiveness as a mechanism for resolving disputes -Swagat Kumar Tosh- Posted: 2023/12/15

    Special Procedure For Language: Composition 349 of the Indian constitution falls under the third chapter of part 17 of the Indian constitution -Kavya Sri- Posted: 2023/12/15

    Can There Be A Monopoly In The Trade-Marks Act, 1999 For The Use Of A Generic Word?: The Indian pharmaceutical industry is growing at an extremely rapid pace, and the Indian Government -Advait ghosh- Posted: 2023/12/15

    Litigation in IPR Disputes: Litigation in the field of intellectual property rights is a complex process. -Swagat Kumar Tosh- Posted: 2023/12/15

    Free Legal Aid: Annihilating Opportunities For Advocates?: Law as a career is considered highly putative and one of the most esteemed careers -Samiksha Gupta- Posted: 2023/12/15

    Business Choices: Sole Proprietorship v/s Partnership Firm: When starting a new firm, choosing the correct business structure is crucial. Partnerships -Ishita Ramani- Posted: 2023/12/15

    Legalization Of Prostitution: The Untold Truth: This was quoted by a sex worker which explains how deprived these sex workers are legally. -Anwesha Priyadarsini- Posted: 2023/12/15

    Understanding The Role Of The Directorate General Of Foreign Trade In The Facilitation Of Exports And Imports: The global economy is characterized by an intricate web of international trade -Syed Md Inzamam Ekram- Posted: 2023/12/15

    Governing Shared Spaces: Challenges and Prospects in Outer Space: Utilizing and exploring space has become crucial to human endeavors, raising significant governance -Kumar Nishant- Posted: 2023/12/14

    Data Privacy And The Challenges Of The Digital World: A collection of various technological solutions, such as virtual environments -Ritu Goyal- Posted: 2023/12/14

    Governing Shared Spaces: Challenges and Prospects in Outer Space: Utilizing and exploring space has become crucial to human endeavors, raising significant governance -Kumar Nishant- Posted: 2023/12/14

    Entitlement of Injunction against Trade Name on the Strength of Trade Mark: This legal article delves into a recent appellate decision by the Hon'ble Division Bench of the High Court of Delhi -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/12/14

    Sharia law vs Civil Law: The majority of religions have spiritual precepts that dictate the practices that members -Akshita Shukla- Posted: 2023/12/14

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    India's Landscape on Same-Sex Marriage: Same-sex marriage, a union between partners of the same sex or gender identity -Disha Sania- Posted: 2023/12/14

    Role Of Judiciary In Environmental Protection India: Man became more materialistic as civilization progressed. His primary purpose in life -Neetu choudhary- Posted: 2023/12/14

    Kulhad Pizza Viral Couple: Where Society Failed As A Human: In the echo of violated privacy and lost empathy, the Kulhad Pizza Viral Couple case -Vishal Banga- Posted: 2023/12/14

    Gender Bases Violence: Understanding the varying dimensions of violence against women and the impact of juridical and legal modes of reparation -Takshika Khajuria- Posted: 2023/12/14

    Marital Rape And Criminalization Of Sexual Assault Within Marriage: Legislative and social views towards marital rape, a type of sexual assault -Satyam Chaudhary- Posted: 2023/12/14

    What Is Cyber Security: Cyber security is the practice of defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems -Jay Kumar- Posted: 2023/12/12

    Evolution of Data Protection in India; Detailed Analysis: The Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023 (DPDP Act) marks a significant milestone -Patenge Chathrapathi- Posted: 2023/12/11

    A Tread Of Domestic Violence Globally: Violence against women increased to record levels around the world following lockdowns -Harshni Slathia- Posted: 2023/12/11

    Online Music Piracy In India: Music industry has gone through tremendous changes -Maria lourthu mary M- Posted: 2023/12/11

    Triple Identity Test and Grant of Interim Injunction in the Hammer of Thor Trademark Infringement Case: The recent legal proceedings in the matter of the "Hammer of Thor" trademark infringement case -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/12/11

    Analysis Of Important Judgments Under Consumer Litigation: The Complainant booked a residential unit in the project Regal Gardens launched -Arushi Makker- Posted: 2023/12/11

    Neo-Colonialism In Context To Global Health And COVID-19: Neocolonialism followed nation's "liberation" from its colonizer. -Archisha Satyarthi- Posted: 2023/12/11

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    Unraveling Timelines: The Duration of Uncontested Divorces in the Commonwealth of Virginia: Embarking on the journey of divorce is a significant life decision, and the duration V-Vickie D- Posted: 2023/12/11

    Constitutional Conundrum: Understanding Legal Dilemmas and Resolutions: Within the complex network of legal structures that regulate an entire country -Sahil Raj- Posted: 2023/12/11

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    Breaking the Silence: New Jersey's Domestic Violence Registry Paves the Way for Safety and Accountability: In a groundbreaking move to address the pervasive issue of domestic violence -Kevinjones- Posted: 2023/12/11

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    Criterion for Medicinal Preparation and Enhanced Therapeutic Efficacy under Section 3(d) of the Patent Act 1970: The patent application in question, filed under No. 9739/DELNP/2011 -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/12/7

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    Case Comment: Communist Party of India(M) v/s Bharat Kumar Palicha, (1998) 1 SCC 201: This is an appeal case. An original petition was instituted by the petitioner Bharat Kumar -Kartika Raj Karna- Posted: 2023/12/7

    Procedural Fairness in Trademark Refusal Appeals: A Critical Analysis of Unreasoned Orders: A recent legal dispute has brought to light the importance of procedural fairness in trademark matters -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/12/7

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    Importance of Advance Service in Trademark Infringement Cases: The recent pronouncement by the Hon'ble High Court of Delhi underlines -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/12/7

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    Further Investigation: Section 173(8) Crpc - Power to direct further investigation after taking cognizance -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2023/11/29

    Article 226: Article 226 - licence - Terminations of , natural justice, compliances of, necessity of, scope -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2023/11/29

    The Evolution Of Sovereignty In International Airspace: A Critical Analysis Of The Chicago Convention: The Chicago Convention, formed in 1944, was a watershed point in international aviation history -Anushka Thakur- Posted: 2023/11/29

    Impact Of Trade Liberalisation On Taxation And Government: Countries all across the world are highlighting the benefits of globalization -Anushka Thakur- Posted: 2023/11/29

    An Analysis On Forest Conservation Act, 1980 And Its Challenges And Application In India: The forest is one of nature's precious treasures. -Aniket Padhi- Posted: 2023/11/29

    Sovereignty Over Airspace: International Law, Current Challenges, And Future Developments For Global Aviation: For a very long time, the space above our planet has fascinated and excited people -Aashinarayan- Posted: 2023/11/29

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    Sexual Harassment as Cyber Crimes in India: While India goes forward with more advancement in internet penetration -Medha Singh- Posted: 2023/11/28

    Beggary: A Serious Issue For Bengal: According to the 2011 census, India has 4,13,670 beggars, comprising 2,21,673 men and 1,91,997 females -Arghya Sen- Posted: 2023/11/28

    Whether a Matter Can be Referred for Arbitration in the Absence of an Arbitration Clause or Agreement?: Our legal system has a reputation for being expensive and for being prone to delays -Arghya Sen- Posted: 2023/11/28

    Analysis of ASF Insignia SEZ Private Limited v/s State of Haryana: ASF Insignia SEZ Pvt. Ltd. is a company incorporated under the Companies Act 1956 -Charvi Sahay- Posted: 2023/11/28

    Case Analysis On: IDBI Bank Ltd v/s Jaypee Infratech Ltd: Inside India's Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC), the case IDBI Bank Ltd. v. Jaypee Infratech Ltd -Lakshya Khanna- Posted: 2023/11/28

    False Statement By Minor As To His Age: A fraudulent representation by a minor that he is of full age by which he indices -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2023/11/28

    Adoption: Adoption by a make Hindu having a wife living at the time. -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2023/11/28

    Political Apathy On Infiltration From Neighboring States: The nation finds itself ensnared in a pressing predicament -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/11/28

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    Definition, Registration and Recognition of Trade Union: Collective bargaining is the principal raison d'etre of trade unions. -Ahsan Sanjar- Posted: 2023/11/27

    Case Analysis of Swaraj Garg v/s K.M. Garg AIR 1978 Delhi 296: Section 9 - Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 - Restitution of Conjugal Rights -Chetan sachdeva- Posted: 2023/11/27

    The Efficacy Of Cyber Laws In Curbing Cybercrimes In View Of National Security Considerations: The surge in cybercrimes presents serious risks to national security -Varalakshmi- Posted: 2023/11/27

    Definition, Registration and Recognition of Trade Union: Collective bargaining is the principal raison d'etre of trade unions. -Ahsan Sanjar- Posted: 2023/11/27

    Case Analysis of Swaraj Garg v/s K.M. Garg AIR 1978 Delhi 296: Section 9 - Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 - Restitution of Conjugal Rights -Chetan Sachdeva- Posted: 2023/11/27

    Who Is Legally Liable For The Uttarakhand Tunnel Collapse?: The collapse of the tunnel in Uttarkashi trapping 41 workers re-establishes -Yokheswara M D- Posted: 2023/11/27

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    Section 206C Of The Income Tax Act, 1961: A new TCS section 206C (1H) was added to Finance Bill 2020. -Ishita Ramani- Posted: 2023/11/27

    Ocular Evidence v/s Medical Evidence: Ocular evidence, often simply referred to as eye witness evidence or oral evidence -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/11/27

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    RTI Act-2005: Public Interest And Larger Public Interest: While the Right to Information Act permits withholding certain data from disclosure -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/11/26

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    IPC 1860 Joint And Group Liability Common Intention And Common Object: Acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention. -Sakshi Singh Parihar- Posted: 2023/11/11

    IPC 1860 General Principals Of Criminal Liability: Actus Reus And Mens Rea: "actus me invito factus non est mens actus" - An act done by me against my will is not my act at all-Sakshi Singh Parihar- Posted: 2023/11/11

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    India v/s Bharat: Unraveling the Official Name Debate: Nationhood, names hold significant importance, and this is where the India -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2023/10/24

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    Sedition Law In India: Past And Present: If you criticize any work of the Government is it your right to freedom to express -Shashwat gupta- Posted: 2023/10/24

    E-Governance: An Emerging Trend in Administrative Law: The landscape of governance is undergoing a drastic change in the digital age. -Jaskamal Kaur- Posted: 2023/10/24

    Right to Information: A Powerful Tool for Democracy in India: The biggest democracy in the world, India, was founded on the values of openness -Jaspreet Kaur Taldar- Posted: 2023/10/24

    Absolute Liability and Strict Liability: Explanation and Differences: In the event of an inherently dangerous activity being undertaken by a profit-making enterprise -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/10/23

    Judicial Control Over Delegated Legislation: Principle of delegation. legislation and its control. Delegation is the process -Nishita Gupta- Posted: 2023/10/23

    Right To Be Forgotten: In the present age where all data is accessible at a tick it is crucial safeguard one's protection -Vaibhav Srivastava- Posted: 2023/10/23

    President Under Indian Constitution: The head of state of the Republic of India is the President of India. -Rahul Prajapat- Posted: 2023/10/23

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    All You Need To Know About Form CHG-1 For Registering A Charge: The act of filing a charge provides security and enables the charge holder to collect the claim amount -Ishita Ramani- Posted: 2023/10/23

    Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process (CIRP): A Recovery Mechanism For Creditors: When a person or business is unable to pay their debts, they are said to be insolvent.-Vaibhav Sriastava- Posted: 2023/10/23

    Unmasking Consumer Exploitation: From King To Pawn: Consumers who are considered kings of the market are being exploited by the producers -Adity Kumari- Posted: 2023/10/23

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    Impact of Digitalization on the dynamics of White-Collar Crime in India: The intricate relationship between digitalization and white-collar crime -Shantanu Bhardwaj- Posted: 2023/10/22

    Beneficial Construction: Making Law Humane: Beneficial Construction, also known as the doctrine of benign construction or rule of favourable -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/10/22

    Creating Respectful Workplaces: Complaint Committees Under The Posh Act, 2013: The POSH Act, or the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the workplace act -Divyanshi Gautam- Posted: 2023/10/21

    Presumption Against the Violation of International Law: The guiding principle is that statutory provisions align with international law. -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/10/21

    Opening Doors for Legal Convergence : Unveiling Bar Council of India's Rules for Foreign Lawyers and Law Firms in India: Law is not a trade, and briefs no merchandise so the leaven of commercial competition -Kartik Rathee- Posted: 2023/10/21

    Ratio Decidendi and Obiter Dicta: In the universe of legal judgments, ratio decidendi, which means "the reason for the decision" -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/10/21

    Creating Respectful Workplaces: Complaint Committees Under The Posh Act, 2013: The POSH Act, or the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the workplace act -Divyanshi Gautam- Posted: 2023/10/21

    Presumption Against the Violation of International Law: The guiding principle is that statutory provisions align with international law. -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/10/21

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    Anda v/s The State Of Rajasthan: Behrun was the son of Girdhari Jat. He was attacked by several people and got hurt badly -Abhash Yadav- Posted: 2023/10/16

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    Law Makers Or The Law Breakers: Each and every citizen of India whether it be a person of normal class, politician -Ritik sinha- Posted: 2023/10/9

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    Power of Attorney: Use And Misuse: A Power of Attorney (POA) grants another person the authority to make decisions -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/10/9

    Notice: Legal Aspects: In legal or formal communications, a notice is a written document -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/10/9

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    Interception of Wire, Electronic or Oral Communication (Sections 13-16) Under The Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act, 1999: The State Government has the authority to appoint one of its officers -- Posted: 2023/10/9

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    Solitary Confinement In Jails: The irreparable damage caused by solitary confinement cannot be justified -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/08/8

    In Quest Of Change: Suicide In India And The Law: Suicide is a complex and emotionally upsetting phenomenon that affects people individually -Manvi Adukia- Posted: 2023/08/8

    Child Custody Battles: The single most important component in inclusive growth is being a child. -Kaushik krishnan- Posted: 2023/08/8

    Breaking the Silence: Marital Rape in India: According to "Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code", having intercourse with one's spouse -Atul Kumar Singh- Posted: 2023/08/8

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    Procedure for Criminal Trial: The process begins with the arrest of the suspect by law enforcement officers. -Shweta Punia- Posted: 2023/07/25

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    Misconduct of Advocates: The expression misconduct a wide canvas should be adopted ( R.D Saxena vs Balram Prasad Sharma,2000,7 SCC ,264 -Soumya- Posted: 2023/07/13

    Repercussions of Decriminalization of Adultery: In a landmark judgement of 2018, the apex court declared a 158-year law as unconstitutional.-Mohd Shariq- Posted: 2023/07/12

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    Registration Of Trade Union, Remedies In Case Of Non Registration And Cancellation Of Registration: Section 3 to 9 of the trade union act 1926 deals with the provision of registration -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2023/07/11

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    Domestic Violence and Divorce in India: Protecting Yourself and Your Children: Domestic Violence in India includes all forms of actual abuse or threat -Kslegaladvisors- Posted: 2023/07/11

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    Concept Of Industry, Industrial Disputes And Workmen: The industrial disputes act extends to the whole of India. It came into the operation -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2023/07/11

    Advantages of Registered Trade Union and Immunity given to trade union: A trade union has to perform a several trade function to achieve its objectives. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2023/07/11

    Cancellation of trade union section 10: Powers to withdraw or cancel the registration of trade union is given to the registrar.-Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2023/07/11

    Registration Of Trade Union, Remedies In Case Of Non Registration And Cancellation Of Registration: Section 3 to 9 of the trade union act 1926 deals with the provision of registration -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2023/07/11

    Case Analysis of Satish Chandra Yadav v. Union of India, 2022: The appellant in this case was serving as a Constable with the CRPF. -Chhavi Priya- Posted: 2023/07/11

    Trade Union definition, Role, Utility and development in India: The birthplace of the trade union was Great Britain. From Great Britain -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2023/07/11

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    Mapping The Facilities In Hospitals In And Across Pondha,Bidholi And Kandoli: An Empirical Analysis Towards The Right To Health Care: The topic of this research is "Mapping the facilities in hospitals in and across Pondha -Vedant Pratap Singh- Posted: 2023/06/27

    Contract Of Agency Essentials, Modes Of Creation And Determination: In the current time of trade and commerce, it is not possible for person to carry out all the task -Vedant Pratap Singh- Posted: 2023/06/27

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    Tax Compliance for Nonprofit Organizations: Ensuring Transparency and Exemption: Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in society by addressing social -Usrlegal- Posted: 2023/06/27

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    Saga Of Amended Reassessment Provisions And Legality Of Notices Issued Under Section 148 For Assessment Year 2015-16 Onwards: The Income Tax Act, 1961, specifically in Chapter XIV, titled "Procedure for Assessment," -Nibha Gupta- Posted: 2023/06/26

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    Safeguarding Innovation: The Significance And Need Of Intellectual Property Rights: Everyone wants to earn money from their respective embedded -Harsh Srivastava- Posted: 2023/06/13

    AI: An Asset Or Threat To Justice: The world has become dynamic due to the day-to-day innovation and their applicability -Ujjwal Tripathi- Posted: 2023/06/13

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    Aparna A.Shah v/s Sheth Developers Pvt. Ltd (2013) 8 SCC71: The respondent in this case, M/s Sheth Developers Pvt. Ltd., is a firm -Jay Wadhwa- Posted: 2023/04/22

    Review Of Surrogacy Regulation Bill: The debate began in 2008, when a Japanese medical couple commissioned a baby in a small Gujarat town. A healthy baby girl was born to the surrogate mother.-Lavlesh Khandelwal- Posted: 2023/04/22

    Importance of Legal Education in India: Legal education is essential for the development of any country. In India, the need for legal education has never been greater.-Pratik Pandit Jadhav- Posted: 2023/04/22

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    Government Servants And Overtime Allowance Under The Factories Act: Where a worker works in a factory for more than nine hours in any day or for more than forty-eight hours in any week, he shall, in respect of overtime work, be entitled to wages at the rate of twice his ordinary rate of wages -Manan Tak- Posted: 2023/04/22

    An Analysis: Alternative Dispute Resolution: ADR "Alternative Dispute Resolution" refers to any means of settling disputes outside of the courtroom -Krati Sachdev- Posted: 2023/04/22

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    Impact of Trade Unions on Labor in the Special Economic Zones in India: The name "Special Economic Zones" or SEZ refers to a wide variety of zones, including business zones, industrial parks, free ports -Trisha Shankar- Posted: 2023/04/21

    Process Of Competition Law In India: Competition law in India aims to promote competition, protect consumer interests, and prevent anti-competitive practices. -Aditya Kaul- Posted: 2023/04/21

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    Juvenile Justice System In India And Its Approach And Effectiveness For Reform: Children who have conflicted with the law and need care and protection. -Shruti Verma- Posted: 2023/03/19

    Pre-Arbitral Procedures Mandatory Or Not: A Debate: It is a well-known fact that the tribunal must decide its own competence. -Kushagra Mahajan- Posted: 2023/03/19

    The Legal Status Of Mercenaries Under International Humanitarian Law: Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime. -Mohammed Arafat Mujib Khan- Posted: 2023/03/19

    A Comparison Of The Brazilian Wildlife Protection Law: Law No. 5,197/1967 With The Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972: Wildlife protection laws are pieces of legislation enacted to safeguard wildlife -Mohammed Arafat Mujib Khan- Posted: 2023/03/19

    A Comparative Analysis Of Intellectual Property Rights Of Fictional Characters In India And The USA: Characters that have been developed by authors, filmmakers -Mohammed Arafat Mujib Khan- Posted: 2023/03/19

    Appointment of Election Commission: Recently, the Supreme Court of India unanimously ruled that a high bench committee -Bhavesh kumar- Posted: 2023/03/19

    Judgement Analysis of R.K Anand vs Registrar, Delhi HC: Criminal Contempt: In the famed BMW hit-and-run case in Delhi on a chilly winter morning 10th January, 1999 -Lakshay Soni- Posted: 2023/03/19

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    Autonomous Vehicles: Legislations for Liabilities: Artificial Intelligence or AI is evolving into a powerful tool that enables machines -Lakshay Soni- Posted: 2023/03/19

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    Case Study On Merger Of Flipkart And Myntra: "Mergers and Acquisitions" is a technical term for company consolidation -Mausumi Sahoo- Posted: 2023/03/18

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    Constitutional Fairness Vis-A-Vis Eviction Drive, A Case Study With Respect To Assam: Eviction is the activity and action of the expulsion of someone from his or her property. -Abu Salim Choudhury- Posted: 2023/02/2

    Trademark Right And Design Rights Are Mutually Destructive To Each Other: The requirement of Section 19 of the Designs Act 2000 (India) would be satisfied -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/02/2

    Protecting Our Children: A Look At Current Indian Laws On Child Abuse: It's not easy being a parent in India. In addition to the challenges of keeping up with the latest in fashion -Suhaib Rafi Mir- Posted: 2023/02/2

    Arbitrability Of Space Disputes: Until recently, only a few countries had access to outer space -Pragati dwivedi- Posted: 2023/02/1

    Court Marriage And Registration: Solemnization of Court Marriages in India takes place under the Special Marriage Act of 1954 -Shivangi Desai- Posted: 2023/02/1

    A Detailed Analysis on the Different Types of Merger: A merger is a combination of two or more companies into a single entity. -Gaurav Jonnagadla- Posted: 2023/01/31

    A Brief Analysis on the Process of Mergers & Acquisitions: Mergers and Acquisitions are are considered to be a major restructuring of the company -Gaurav Jonnagadla- Posted: 2023/01/31

    Social Media Law And Its Implication: In today's modern era social media plays a very crucial /vital role in everyone's life -Priyanka Kumari- Posted: 2023/01/31

    Moratorium Under IBC Will Not Prevent Attachment Of Properties Of Corporate Debtor Under PMLA: Delhi High Court: The Delhi High Court has ruled that a moratorium under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code -Gaurav Jonnagadla- Posted: 2023/01/31

    IBC v/s SEBI: A Comprehensive Analysis: Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) is a law passed by the Indian government in 2016 -Gaurav Jonnagadla- Posted: 2023/01/31

    Impact Of Mergers On Employee's Loyalty: Merger between companies happen for achieving economies of scale and other benefits. -Gaurav Jonnagadla- Posted: 2023/01/31

    Why Do Newly Listed Firms Become Potential Targets for Acquisition?: Companies select potential target for acquiring during mergers and acquisitions -Gaurav Jonnagadla- Posted: 2023/01/31

    Departmental Enquiry, An Obstacle Or Aid In Criminal Trail: Andhra Pradesh High Court passed a judgment in Subba Rao vs Vigilance Officer, Cotton Corporation of India -Tejanshu- Posted: 2023/01/31

    The Indian Constitutional Implications Of Stop And Frisk Policing Practices: "Stop and frisk" policing practices, also known as "stop and search" or "stop and question,"-Indrajeet Singh- Posted: 2023/01/31

    Music And Entertainment Law: Trademarks: Section 2 (1) (zb) of the Trademark Act, 1999 defines a trademark in India. -Satyam Chaudhary- Posted: 2023/01/31

    What Makes Mergers Unsuccessful?: A merger in simple terms is amalgamation between two companies. -Gaurav Jonnagadla- Posted: 2023/01/30

    Are Mega Mergers Incompetitive?: Mega mergers, also known as large-scale mergers and acquisitions (M&A) -Gaurav Jonnagadla- Posted: 2023/01/30

    Learnings And Genisis Of Jaipur Oil Depot Blast Tragedy: On October 29, 2009, a massive explosion occurred at an oil terminal in Jaipur, India. -Kokila Beriya- Posted: 2023/01/30

    Deepwater O&G Prospects And Development Constraints With Solutions: Deepwater oil and gas exploration and development in India -Kokila Beriya- Posted: 2023/01/30

    Responsibility Of Media Towards The Truth: In the East, as in the West, newspapers are fast becoming people's Bible, Koran, Zend-Avesta and Gita all rolled into one -Kishori Goswami- Posted: 2023/01/30

    Constitutional Validity Of RCR Under Hindu Law: Concept of Restitution of Conjugal Rights, a matrimonial remedy available in the Hindu marriage act 1955 -Mehwish Khalil- Posted: 2023/01/30

    Male, Female, Or Other: How Does It Affect Justice?: Rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India.-Isha Jain- Posted: 2023/01/30

    Anticipatory Bail Concerning Uttar Pradesh: Section 438 of the Code lays down the mechanism for granting bail -Harshita Bisht- Posted: 2023/01/30

    Challenges In Maintaining Peace And Recent Developments In Promoting Peace: In the words of author V.S. Naipaul, India is a country of a million mutinies -Kinkini Chaudhuri- Posted: 2023/01/29

    Examining The Indian Education Model At Close Quarters With Special Reference To UP, Bihar And Kerala: Uttar Pradesh is as state in the northern India, with over 200M inhabitants. -Prateek Upadhyay- Posted: 2023/01/29

    The Idea Of One Nation One MSP Amidst The Concept Of Federalism: Agriculture is the "Art and Science" of cultivating the soils, growing crops and raising livestock -Prateek Upadhyay- Posted: 2023/01/29

    Identifying Unrecognized Forms Of Abuse And Violence In Domestic Spaces: Domestic violence burdens all facets of society and has a subtle but significant impact -Kinkini Chaudhuri- Posted: 2023/01/29

    Information Technology Act, 2021: India had framed Information technology act -Jivesh Nandan- Posted: 2023/01/29

    Analysis of The Mediation Bill 2021: There are such techniques, and the parties attempt to settle their conflicts outside of the courts -Srishti Shukla- Posted: 2023/01/29

    Should The Marriage Age For Girls Be 21 Or More: The legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship is marriage -Prerna Kumari- Posted: 2023/01/29

    Human Trafficking In India: Human trafficking has become a serious global issue of unforeseen proportions of the twenty-first century.-Debakanta Mohanty- Posted: 2023/01/29

    Bolton v/s Stone: Stone resided in a residence close to Cheetham Cricket Ground.-Debakanta Mohanty- Posted: 2023/01/29

    Jurisdiction of Civil Court in Civil Suits Filed by Borrowers Against Lender Banks and the RDB Act : Stand explained in the case of Bank Of Rajasthan Ltd v/s VCK Shares And Stock Broking Services Ltd: legal right of the borrower to initiate proceedings before a Civil Court -Uttam Kumar Gupta- Posted: 2023/01/28

    Codification And First Law Commission: The literal meaning of codification is: an act or process of reducing to a code or system -Isha Narayanan- Posted: 2023/01/28

    Special Law over Personal Laws: Whether the marriage of a Muslim Girl of 15 years of age performed by following personal law will be a Valid marriage -Rohan Raj- Posted: 2023/01/28

    Jamtara: The Hub of Cyber Crime: Jamtara is new district created by separating from Dumka district -Syed afreen hussain- Posted: 2023/01/28

    Clamour For Uniform Civil Code: All communal dispute will be end, when Uniform Civil Code become brand -Yashjeet Singh Mehta- Posted: 2023/01/28

    Inter-country Adoption: An Instrument Of Child Trafficking: Defeating human trafficking is a great moral calling of our time.Condoleeza Rice -Yash Singh Naruka- Posted: 2023/01/28

    Energy Justice: Conceptual Insights And Practical Aspects: The term "energy justice" refers to the pursuit of social and economic fairness -Hanna Robin Vettoor- Posted: 2023/01/28

    Arbitration: A Better Approach Of Dispute Settlement In India: Judiciary is one of the best and oldest judicial system -Abhilipsa Kar- Posted: 2023/01/27

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    Extra Commercial Borrowing In India: India is one of the world's largest economies, ranking fifth after the United States, China, Japan and Germany. -Manish Raghav- Posted: 2023/01/27

    Globalization of Commercial Law: The globalization of commercial law refers to the process by which commercial laws -Abhyudaya singh- Posted: 2023/01/27

    Concept of Diminishing Marginal Utility: The law of diminishing marginal utility is an economic principle -Abhyudaya singh- Posted: 2023/01/26

    India's Stance On International Efforts To Combat Terrorism And Its Impact On Global Politics: India has long been a victim of terrorism, both domestically and internationally. -Abhyudaya singh- Posted: 2023/01/26

    The Role of Peer Pressure in Alcohol and Cigarette Use Among College Students: College life can be a challenging and exciting time for students -Himanshu Verma- Posted: 2023/01/26

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    Role of Technology in Transnational Organised Crimes: Technology has created a dynamic, rapid and complex world which is globally expendable -Chetanya Sharma- Posted: 2023/01/24

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